The nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse has confirmed that it will be looking into concerns that Home Office money was used to finance a high profile paedophile group. The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was active in the 70s and 80s and counted high profile politicians amongst its members.

It’s not clear whether the Inquiry will summon members of PIE to any future hearings dealing with the matter, however we have urged the panel to do so, especially in light of the scant evidence available on PIE’s activities and in relation to allegations surrounding the group.

The Inquiry’s lead lawyers have also issued a formal statement about the way the Inquiry will address those who come forward with allegations. Unless a conviction has taken place, or enough evidence has been produced to prove an allegation, the panel will from now on refer to individuals who come forward as complainants, rather than survivors or victims.

The decision has come at a time when doubts are being cast over allegations about a VIP paedophile ring. The lack of evidence and the incredibly long lapse of time has made substantiating these claims almost impossible. And the inability to prove these claims is being viewed by some as proof that alleged instances of child abuse must be false.

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