Up to date information and awareness of trends in child welfare are important aspects of the family justice system, and also a vital source of reassurance for parents and families going through the courts.

Today we’re bringing you three sites you might find interesting. The first is called Research Gate, which offers international scientific research on a wide range of topics. There are a lot of reports on this hub looking at child welfare issues, and the research is current.

The Child Protection in Sport Unit (which is a partnership with the NSPCC and national sports bodies), also has a Resource Library, filled with videos on every aspect of child welfare and best practice content for professionals. You can access policy documents, videos, webinars and forms as well.

And finally, there is the Safeguarding Children e-Academy. This is an online learning centre which offers courses on safeguarding, but also has a free resource and training section, worth looking at.

A big thank you to Janie Doe for sharing Research Gate with us.