The British Association Of Social Work (BASW) is to publish its report on the state of the adoption sector at the end of this year.

The Enquiry, which was launched by the BASW in 2016, has been looking into adoption in England and Wales, the role social work should play in the adoption process and ethics surrounding the practice.

As part of its review, the Enquiry was tasked with examining the non consensual nature of adoption, which is often referred to as forced adoption, social workers’ involvement in the practice of removing children from parents without their consent and the ethical and human rights issues attached.

Researching Reform took to Twitter to ask the BASW and Maggie Mellon, who is a member of the Enquiry’s Steering Group, if they could offer any update on the Enquiry, which had not published any further information since its launch.

Maggie very kindly responded to us on Twitter.


Maggie Mellon, an outspoken and talented social worker who has in the past invited the profession to look at alternative ways of working with families inside the child protection system – like this insightful piece on the impact of current culture and practice inside the system which demonises parents – appeared to suggest that the findings would be launched before Christmas.

Maggie’s tweet does confirm that an update will be published shortly, which we will share once it’s live.

Many thanks to Tom Perkins for gently nudging us about this Enquiry.