The European Court considering the case of Charlie Gard, a baby with a rare medical condition who has been on life support for most of his young life, has turned down an appeal launched by his parents to keep him alive. 

The European Court Of Human Rights concluded that Charlie was most likely in pain, and to continue life support and experimental treatment would cause Charlie significant harm with no prospect of success. The Court has also lifted the interim measure it put in place which would have kept Charlie on life support until 11 July. It is likely that life support will be switched off in the near future.

We cannot imagine what Charlie’s parents must be feeling. At the very least we hope the hospital will ensure that both mother and father have the best counselling and support available as they go through this devastating moment.

We remain in awe of the dedication, love and care they gave Charlie. Their courage and determination in the face of pessimistic medical views, and their unswerving optimism will never be forgotten. Their strength and dignity inspired a nation.

As a mark of respect we will not be posting anything on the site tomorrow.

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Photo: Featureworld