Researching Reform usually thanks its readers and posters in the New Year with the release of WordPress’ Blog Report, which celebrates a site’s audience with fun stats and charts, however this feature has now been shelved and so we never got the chance to show our gratitude.

It’s been on our minds for a while to do this, so we’d like to do this now.

As the years have passed, we’ve welcomed more of you to the site. We are incredibly privileged to have a diverse readership which includes families, young men and women, charities, social workers, lawyers, judges, peers and politicians.

We are humbled by those readers who have chosen to remain with us, and we would like to thank you for your enduring loyalty. You are family.

New visitors come to our site every day. Some subscribe, others dip into our stories and features. We value and appreciate every encounter.

Our genuine thanks for reading, commenting, sharing and exploring with us. We strive to be thought provoking, helpful, refreshing. Whatever you are looking for, we hope you find it here. If you don’t, we are always open to suggestions.


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