The Women and Equalities Committee have started looking at how fathers in the workplace are coping with juggling careers and parenthood.

For many single and lone fathers especially, this balance can prove hugely problematic. For an excellent summary of some of the problems please see our previous post, where you can read highlights from leading fathers’ charity DadsHouse’s report to the Committee.

And, find out more about the committee and the recent evidence session it held, below:

Parliament’s website tells us the purpose of the first evidence session:

  • Whether there is evidence that fathers—from different groups and backgrounds—have the support to balance work with caring responsibilities for children, and what evidence there is of demand for change;
  • What is known about fathers’ current experiences of support for their caring responsibilities in the workplace;
  • What factors and challenges might be contributing to any dissatisfaction among fathers about their current situations;
  • How effectively government policies (particularly its flagship policy of Shared Parental Leave) support fathers in the workplace, what more can be done, and what the effects on workplaces and on mothers would be

For our part, we’d like to see more creches in the workplace, more options for flexible and remote working, and an egalitarian policy for both fathers and mothers which ensures parents can work and also be there for their children.

Some interesting stats from the Committee’s page:

Twice the number of fathers compared to mothers believe that working flexibly will have a negative impact on their career, and 44 per cent said they had lied or bent the truth to their employer about family-related responsibilities.

What do you think about this latest inquiry?