For the Huffington Post this month we respond to Britain’s chief child protection police officer, who has suggested that all paedophiles caught watching child pornography online should be spared jail.

We explain why this policy proposal is flawed and yet again, like so many child protection policies, is really all about money and resources.

Coincidentally, our article comes out just as a debate in the House of Commons is published today about a petition which calls for harsher penalties for paedophiles who access online child abuse images and videos. The petition which refers to “April’s Law”, has been signed by over 126,500 people, and reads:

“We the undersigned call on the prime minister to make all sex offenders remain on the register for life no matter the crime, for service providers and search engines to be better policed regarding child abuse images and harder sentences on those caught with indecent images of children.”

You can catch our article here. 

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