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Social worker and Founder of the Migrants Trust, Margaret Humphreys has told the nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse that the abuse, lies and cover ups involved in children being sent abroad to other Commonwealth countries during the 1940s-1970s, amounted to human rights violations.

The conduct by government organisations and officials which sparked this comment includes:

  • Physical and sexual abuse,
  • Conditions of slavery and terror,
  • Removal of identities, and;
  • Lies that suggested the youngsters’ parents were dead
  • Collusion and cover-up by institutions and agencies,
  • State sanctioned kidnapping of children
  • Children being knowingly placed into the hands of paedophiles

A 2015 debate in the House Of Lords in which Lord Blackheath confirms he and others were involved in several of these government initiatives, also confirms Margaret’s experience through her work helping former child migrants find their biological families.

Child Migrants.png

Our question then, is this: who should be held accountable for these crimes – the government or individuals involved, or perhaps both?