Welcome to another week.

Australia’s child abuse inquiry will be starting to look at the controversial question of the confession box and child sexual abuse as part of its investigations this month.

The Church is arguing that the confession box must remain confidential and that priests should not be placed under a legal duty to pass on child abuse information they receive during confession.

Over the next few weeks the royal commission will examine a range of areas including the sacrament of confession, celibacy, and why child abuse was so prolific in Catholic institutions.

At the moment in the UK there is no legal duty on priests to pass child abuse allegations to the police or other bodies. England and Wales are currently considering implementing a duty to report child abuse through a consultation which is now analysing the data it’s received, and will be investigating which organisations and professionals should be included in any duty to report.

Our question this week is a simple one: do you think the duty to report child abuse should include priests who hear details about abuse during confession?