Although the Innovation Clauses in the Children and Social Work Bill have been backed by government ministers and consultant, professor Eileen Munro, Researching Reform is deeply opposed to these clauses and we explain why in our latest article for Lexis Nexis Family Law.

Whilst progressive ideas should be fostered and supported within the child welfare sector and unnecessary rules and regulations on how to deliver services should be reviewed and changed where appropriate, stripping the system of fundamental obligations towards vulnerable children is not innovation.

Researching Reform argues that innovation can’t be achieved using pathways which at their heart prioritise cost cutting, but through other means which are far more effective (and may well save money in the long run).

For those who feel strongly about any part of the Children and Social Work Bill, whether for or against proposed clauses, today is the last day to have your say over at the Commons Public Bill Committee. Get your two cents in before 5pm today.

You can catch our piece here. 

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