After a thought provoking discussion about child welfare with the National Child Protection Alliance’s expert consultant Charles Pragnell, we decided to make a Freedom Of Information Request.

The request asks the Ministry of Justice to lay out what steps have been taken to ensure that children involved in Family Court proceedings have access to the judge in their case.

In 2014, the government confirmed that it would give children a greater voice during court proceedings by allowing them to speak about their wishes and feelings with the judge in their case directly. Children as young as ten would be allowed to do so, with discretion over age thresholds in place so those younger who actively wanted to speak to a judge, could.

It has been two years, and no report or update has been issued on this policy, so we asked the government for one. Our question, below:


We will let you know as soon as we get a response.

We would like to thank Charles for sharing his vast experience with us, and for reminding us about this policy.