Another year’s flown by here at Researching Reform, and as always we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday which we hope will be filled with family, friends and good food.

As is the tradition, we’re offering you lots of festive cheer in the form of slightly left field articles, songs and other alternative seasonal stuff. Post your complaints below, just remember, Santa’s still checking his list…

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If you’ve got smarty pants for children or will find yourself in contact with some over the holidays, be sure to read this article telling you exactly how Father Christmas manages to fly around the world delivering presents in just one night – and it’s all backed up by science.

We like our Christmas songs but there are some that we think should be banned from public spaces. (Fairy Tale Of New York is one – any person caught mentioning it in a positive light on this post will face the consequences). So, onto some of the better tunes:

If you like your Christmas full on, check out the Christmas Channel on YouTube – you can listen to every conceivable yuletide song, its cover and its remix….

For anyone who likes espionage, and we love it, follow Santa Claus around as he travels the world delivering presents – he’s in Thailand as we type…

(PS You won’t be the only one tracking his movements, the US military follows Santa every year…)


For those of you who won’t be with your children this holiday, our heart goes out to you and we will be thinking of you. May 2017 bring you the strength and the courage to push on through.

With love and festive good wishes,

Researching Reform xxx

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