A survivor in Wales has made a formal complaint about the way he was treated during an attempt to log his experiences with the nation’s child abuse inquiry. A lack of efficiency and a support worker who broke down in tears whilst on the phone with him have left the survivor feeling let down and critical of the level of support at the inquiry.

An urgent review has since been carried out, and an apology has been made to the survivor.

This event has been translated by some as yet another sign that the inquiry is doomed to fail, however Chair Professor Jay insists the inquiry is not in crisis.

Whilst this latest incident is unfortunate, given the sheer scale and size of the inquiry, one complaint about the support it is offering through its Truth Project doesn’t seem like cause for alarm at this stage.

It might do us good to remember that whilst other child abuse inquiries both at home and abroad have come and gone, with little groundbreaking insight, this Inquiry is attempting to do something unique – it hopes to get to the root causes of child sexual abuse in society not just in England, but around the world.

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The victim said he had concerns about other people who had come forward