A new project to help university level students in areas impacted by war is currently looking for students around the world to get involved in its online peer-to-peer programme.

The Global Youth Development Initiative, which also matches professionals in a variety of fields with students, has been set up by  lawyers and academics from around the world, and hopes to offer advice and guidance to students in war zones, many of whom have been unable to go back to their schools and universities to finish their courses.

The project needs university students, graduates and newly qualified professionals to offer support, delivered through online platforms like Skype and Whatsapp.

If you are a university or a professor who feels their students might be interested, the Initiative would also love to hear from you. Anyone who would like to find out more can email Co-Founder Thomas Valenti for further details at tpv@valentilaw.com

And if you can spare the time, we would be so grateful if you could forward this post on to anyone you feel might be interested and please do share with your networks online. Thank you so much.

This is an incredibly worthwhile project, which is needed now more than ever.