Pioneering lone fathers charity Dads House has had a wonderful week. It has just moved in to its shiny new office in London, after becoming the first charity in Europe to offer lone and single fathers temporary accommodation.

CEO and founder, Billy McGranaghan, shared a photo of the new headquarters:

DadsHouse office.png

Dads House also received an email from a father the organisation helped recently, which describes why the charity is so special, and why the work they do is vital. It also highlights the ongoing lack of support for single parents and lack of care by councils across the country:

“It’s been 3 long years since I became a single Father. I was working and coming home to my beautiful son. After 9 months of what seemed like constant arguing and fighting to maintain a family unit for my boy, I had become exasperated by the relationship between my son’s mother and I. So before he turned 10 months old I had split up with his mother and relocated back to Enfield from Oxford.

I had moved back into my mother’s place. Whilst I got back onto my feet it took about a year before I found employment again. Before I knew it, I had been given custody of Jacob via social services. It was a major change and at the time I had to support my parents. Over the next year I got comfortable in my situation. Within a 6 month period I had lost the support of both parents and I had to become a single parent full time.  My situation at my mother’s became difficult due to overcrowding.

When I initially approached Enfield housing, I had to fill out an application online. But that part of their website didn’t work. I initially thought there was a faulty link and that it would be fixed. But for whatever reason it would not work. I went into the housing office where I was told I had incorrectly answered the first form on the website. So I went through the website, again with no luck.  By that stage I felt like I had hit a brick wall. I recalled an old friend from college had told me about Dads House. So I emailed them about my situation. Billy then emailed me later that evening. The next day we spoke and he was very helpful. He then said he would get onto the council via twitter and suggested that I get in contact with my local MP.

I found that he had this energy that was quite infectious. It gave me the drive to push on. Despite the apparent wall I thought I hit. He showed me that you have to be more pushy with the council. With his help I was able to get emergency accommodation via the council. Despite being in the “system” so to speak. Billy has continued to assist me in getting me into temporary accommodation.  Dads House is a credit to single Dads. It is surprising to see there are so many other men in similar positions. I hope this testimony will help others to reach out to Dads House when they are in need.”

Dads House has a drop in session every Monday from 10am-6pm. Their offices are located on 300 Old Brompton Road, London, SW59JF

Many congratulations to Dads House, our favourite fathers’ charity and one which does an incredible amount of good. You can follow Dads House on Twitter, here. 

DadsHouse Photo