Welcome to another week.

A paedophile convicted of possessing a huge volume of some of the most extreme images of child sex abuse available and who hopes to start a family of his own in the near future, has been spared jail because of mitigating circumstances.

Those mitigating circumstances include being charged for the first time, pleading guilty at the first opportunity, having a supportive wife and being in steady employment.

The judge also took the view that Richard Arrowsmith was previously of ‘good character’. Arrowsmith had been viewing and storing child abuse images for over four years before he was caught.

There does not appear to be any concern over his desire to have children of his own although he has been ordered to sign the sexual offences register and is now banned from working with children. Arrowsmith has also been given a supervision requirement for 12 months, and cannot leave his house between 7pm and 5am.

Our question this week then is this: do you think the judge was right to allow the mitigating circumstances above to influence his decision?