In a statement released on the Inquiry’s website on 8th September for Core Participants, new Chair Professor Jay confirms several developments and they are worth sharing:

  • The Inquiry will not be revising or reducing its terms of reference. This means that it will remain broad in scope, and inclusive
  • An internal review of the inquiry is now in place to look at the way it is approaching investigations and to find ways of working better and faster
  • New evidence management is in place to help improve the way evidence is processed
  • Moving forward the Inquiry will increase its visibility by keeping the public regularly updated. Whether this will include putting a proactive social media account in place which actually answers survivors’ queries is not known at this time.

There have also been accusations that a large number of staff at the Inquiry are from the Home Office. This is particularly worrying for survivors and victims of abuse as many have had negative experiences dealing with the Home Office in the past. Professor Jay says in her statement that less than a quarter of the Staff are from the Home Office and those that are, are committed to the Inquiry’s goal and independent of the Home Office as they work on this project.

What do you think?