A hugely popular petition asking the government to hold a second referendum on Brexit has led to MPs in the House of Commons confirming that a second referendum could be on the cards after a report which highlighted “myths, misinformation and downright lies” present in the previous referendum, was published.

The discussion took place on Monday 5th September, and can be watched on Parliament TV, or read in the transcript.

The debate is well worth a read. During the discussion, politicians raise the possibility of a second referendum, which could be done without undermining democracy as long as the second referendum features new terms.

There was also talk of ensuring that any second Brexit vote should be accompanied by a long referendum campaign so that the public were able to make an informed judgement based on facts.

Some politicians did not want to see a second referendum on leaving the EU but instead look to a referendum on the terms of our departure. The discussions also included a look at a second referendum for Scottish Independence.

It is a very long debate and we have not had a chance to read all of it, but we look forward to your thoughts on the meeting, and we hope you’ve got plenty of tea and Digestives to keep you company.

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