Gresham College, best known for offering  free lectures to the public, is hosting Professor Jo Delahunty QC, who will be giving a series of lectures on how law impacts family life.

Professor Delahunty will be looking at access to justice in the Family Court for the most vulnerable as part of a series entitled, “When Worlds Collide: The Family and the Law”.  

The lectures begin in October, 2016 and go on into 2017:

  1. ‘Sex, death and witchcraft’ – what goes on in the family court room? (18 October 2016)
  2. Is one individual’s radicalism another’s right to free speech? (24 November 2016)
  3. When legal worlds collide (26 January 2017)
  4. Guilty until proven innocent (2 March 2017)
  5. Expert witnesses: a zero-sum game? (12 April 2017)
  6. ‘Two point one children’: why there is no typical family in the family court (4 May 2017)

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