In another hugely disappointing turn for the nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse, Chair Lowell Goddard has just handed in her resignation.

Giving no reason for the decision, she simply asks the Home Secretary to accept her decision to resign with immediate effect.


Some are speculating that the move is a reaction to the recent criticism over Justice Goddard’s decision to take a three month holiday since first being appointed as Inquiry Chair. Others have suggested that the press interest in her confusion over British law, reluctance to fully incorporate survivors within the Inquiry and questionable rank within the New Zealand judiciary could be factors in her departure.

Whatever the reason, Researching Reform takes the view that the Inquiry urgently needs to rethink its core PR strategy and start to engage with the public at large, not as a means of gaining popularity, but as a crucial tool to gain the trust and respect of the nation and most importantly the survivors both taking part in the Inquiry, and watching on.

Whoever takes up the mantle must inspire confidence and not be afraid to let in the world as the Inquiry does its work.

Good luck, contestant number four.

Goddard L

Lowell Goddard