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Whilst the UK has begun to consider making reporting suspected child abuse compulsory, New Zealand is thinking about tackling the silence surrounding child abuse by paying for tip offs.

New Zealand is one of the most dangerous countries in the developed world in which to grow up, despite efforts by successive governments.

Every other day a child is admitted to hospital suffering from inflicted injuries, including burns, broken bones and head wounds.

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In a bid to reduce the surge in child abuse cases across the country, the New Zealand police force has confirmed that it is looking at the possibility of offering money to people who come forward with information.

Those in favour of the initiative say it will break down the wall of silence surrounding child abuse, and ultimately save lives.

Those against the proposal are concerned that individuals with axes to grind could use the scheme as a way to exact revenge on others, that it could encourage informants to hold tips for ransom, and make leads potentially less trustworthy within a process which offers money for information.

Our question then, is just this: do you think offering money for child abuse tip offs could be an effective way to protect children from harm?

For further reading on New Zealand’s battle with child abuse, online newspaper Stuff, has produced a thought-provoking series called ‘Faces Of Innocents’, which aims to highlight the child abuse epidemic in the country.

Faces Of Innocents