Baroness Butler-Sloss, a former president of the Family Court, best known for the controversy surrounding her brief Chairmanship of the nation’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, is believed to have taken part in a debate in the House of Lords yesterday, urging the government to create a statutory framework for child sexual abuse investigations.

The discussion was set to focus on abuse alleged to have taken place in the distant past, or ‘historic abuse’ as some Lords continue to call it, however Researching Reform refuses to use this term as we are aware that survivors and victims of child sexual abuse find it particularly upsetting and not reflective of the day to day reality of living with abuse long after it has happened.

The debate itself was proposed by Lord Lexden, a Conservative peer, and was scheduled to include:

  • Lord Paddick (Liberal Democrat), former deputy assistant commissioner for the Metropolitan Police
  • Lord Tunnicliffe (Labour), opposition deputy chief whip
  • Lord Cormack (Conservative), member of the EU Home Affairs Committee and former MP

Lord Keen of Elie (Conservative), Home Office spokesperson, was nominated to respond on behalf of the government. No transcript appears to be available just yet, but when we spot one we’ll update the post.

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Baroness Butler-Sloss

Baroness Butler-Sloss