Welcome to another week.

Ahead of International Children’s Day on 1st June, a day which looks to highlight the well being of children, we thought we would share an interesting post published over at Today’s Parent.

The post is entitled “Has Lego Become Too Violent?” and questions the company’s motivations for significantly increasing their production of Lego brick weaponry over time. The article was a response to a recent piece of research from the University of Cantebury in New Zealand, which suggests that the company are manufacturing more violent toys: Weaponry is now included in 30% of their Lego kits, and 40% of its catalogue pages include scenes of threatening behaviour, battles and fighting.

Lego say they are simply reacting to demand.

Our question then, is just this: do children’s toy companies have a moral obligation to society at large to ensure their products are not violent, or do parents hold the power when it comes to making the right choices for their children? 

Lego action figures