Welcome to another week.

Following on from the UK’s own implementation of America’s Family Drug and Alcohol Courts (FDAC), specialist Family Courts which use teams of experts to work closely with parents and help them beat addiction, the government has announced it will be rolling out the same courts for the criminal justice system.

Much like FDAC, these problem solving courts for the criminal sector will not be handing down custodial punishments for offenders. Instead, they will focus on the underlying problems causing the offending, and work with individuals to rehabilitate rather than punish.

It is hoped that the system will be beneficial for female offenders, who are particularly at risk within a jail setting. Women offenders who are pregnant or have young children for example, could be diverted to the services they need and in turn could remain with their children, who otherwise might be at risk of going into the care system.

Our question this week then, is very straightforward: do you think problem solving courts for the criminal justice system are a good idea?