As children who have experienced the Family Courts become more empowered to speak out, one teenager explains why she felt let down by the system, and why blaming what happened to her on the way her parents handled their separation is only a small part of a large picture highlighting gaping flaws within the divorce process.



Rosy is now seventeen and is passionate about showing the world why the UK divorce courts are still letting children down. In a speech she delivered at a conference last week about her parents’ divorce, Rosy described how gender bias inside the system can prevent good fathers from having contact with their children. She goes on to talk about the way child welfare professionals, lawyers and police sometimes respond to the phases within separation and why those responses are often inadequate, and sometimes traumatic for children.


Equally important is the way in which Rosy feels her wishes and feelings were ignored, and why she was left feeling insignificant and powerless. At its heart, her speech highlights the different ways in which The Voice Of The Child remains unheard, and is very much worth a read.

You can take a look at Rosy’s speech below.

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