A new breed of supermodel is here, and they want to disrupt the way we think about our bodies and our lives in the era of social media and the selfie.

LA Models rising star, Ashley Alexander, is blazing a trail in the fashion industry not only as a highly successful model but as an activist for change. Her new reality TV series, “One Ridiculous Life”, follows Ashley’s day to day life as a working model and offers beauty and fitness secrets which are achievable and relevant to women today. Ashley’s blend of practical advice and motivational messages is sassy, honest and funny.


In the first episode, which you can catch below, Ashley talks about body image and how what we see in the fashion world is not real or achievable without photo shop. She chats about how filtered and digitally enhanced Selfies on social media have added to these unreal expectations and how enormous pressure to look perfect on girls and women persists because of the images we see online. Ashley also reveals exactly what it takes (and how many people it takes) to transform a normal woman into a supermodel.


Ashley is Researching Reform’s cousin’s wife, and a new mother, so we are delighted and proud to shout her out on the blog as she does outstanding work trying to address exploitation within her industry, and the media too.

The episodes come out every Wednesday and will feature Ashley’s unique take on beauty expectations in the 21st century as she attempts to change the face of fashion. You can subscribe to her channel here to get all the latest videos delivered to you direct.

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Good luck, Ashley!