Welcome to another week.

In a nationwide first, a spouse has been jailed for treating his partner like a servant. The treatment included physical violence resulting in a broken nose and other injuries, enforced imprisonment within the marital home, abusive text messages and demeaning verbal exchanges, and incitement to commit suicide, over a two year period.

The spouse has admitted to this conduct and is now the first Briton convicted of forcing their spouse into domestic servitude.

The two sentences have been set at 2 years for enforcing domestic servitude, and 8 months for assault causing actual bodily harm. However, the sentences will run concurrently, which means that the offending spouse could be out of prison within 12 months – less than half the time that the beatings and servitude took place.

Our question then, is just this: do you agree with the sentence and what kind of message if any, do you think it sends out?