This evening at 8.30pm, the BBC will be exploring the controversial science behind Shaken Baby Syndrome, and how it affects parents who have been accused of harming their children.

The programme will also be investigating the recent ruling by the The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) which found that an expert misled the courts in ‘shaken baby’ cases. Dr Squier remains unconvinced that the triad – swelling of the brain, bleeding between the skull and brain and bleeding in the retina – is always a sign that abuse has taken place. Most experts in the field believe that the presence of these developments combined is a sure sign that a child has been abused.

However, the science and thinking behind the majority view is not watertight. A recent documentary highlighting concerns surrounding the Syndrome by doctors, scientists and legal scholars challenges the theory.

Our question to you then, is just this: do you think Shaken Baby Syndrome is valid or is the science underlying it, not robust enough? 

You can watch the programme on BBC 1 tonight at 8.30pm, but don’t worry if you miss it, you can also catch it after it’s been broadcast.