At the first official preliminary hearing held by the nation’s Child Abuse Inquiry, counsel to the Inquiry Ben Emmerson has confirmed that 50,000 children have been identified between April 2012 and March 2014 as having been sexually abused, but suggested that the real number of children abused, may be as high as 450,000. 

The hearing also heard that Janner abused children over a 29-year period, arranging for those “in whom he had a sexual interest” to be brought to the Houses of Parliament.

17 complainants in the Janner case have now been given core participant status in the inquiry, which means that they will be able to make statements, see documents and seek permission to ask questions. Janner’s family have not applied for core participant status, at this time.

The Inquiry has also been considering whether to televise the upcoming public hearings.

You can read a transcript of this meeting in full on the Inquiry’s Janner Investigation Page.