Welcome to another week.

A pioneering programme in New York which works on a grants basis to empower families, has been shown to actively keep parents and children together, reduce the number of children going into care and save the government money.

The Child Welfare Fund provides grants to help families, and ensures that parents’ rights are protected through the creation of programmes which give families a voice, and allows them to take part in decisions affecting them, in a meaningful way. The founder of the Child Welfare Fund, David Tobis, has since been invited by the British Association Of Social Work (BASW) to share his experiences and to show social work professionals how such a system could benefit the UK, where children going into care is still at an all time high.

Tobis says:

“The fund’s approach was to provide grants to help children and families, and others, to bring about changes to a system that denied parents their rights. I worked as a community organiser in my youth, and I believe that people have a right to participate in decisions that affect their lives. One of our main activities was creating and supporting programmes that gave a voice and power to parents.”

Our question to you this week then, is just this: would you like the UK government to establish a scheme like David’s?