In what will be welcome news for many, Freedom Of Information requests will remain free and no legal changes will be made, either.

The decision to keep the FOI request process as it is comes after an Independent Commission was asked to look into the service and see whether charging the public to use it, amongst other proposals, would be appropriate.

And in keeping with the FOI’s spirit, public bodies will also now be required to reveal staff expenses.

The complete findings of the Freedom of Information Commission’s review are set to be published in the near future, however Cabinet Office Minister Matt Hancock has confirmed there would be no wholesale changes to the FOI Act itself:

“After 10 years, we took the decision to review the Freedom of Information Act and we have found it is working well… We will not make any legal changes to FOI. We will spread transparency throughout public services, making sure all public bodies routinely publish details of senior pay and perks…. After all, taxpayers should know if their money is funding a company car or a big pay-off.”

As passionate campaigners set against charges for FOI, we’re really pleased with this news, and hope the service will continue to grow and develop to include more agencies and bodies and to supply the public with even more information.