The Guardian newspaper has created a hugely interesting series called “My Letter To The Public” which allows public servants like child welfare professionals to write in about what’s bothering them inside their sector.

From the state of things for kids in care to supporting women suffering domestic violence in the face of horrendous budget cuts, this series is well worth a read, and well worth contributing to if you’re a child welfare or family work professional.

The entries are all anonymous, which allows for complete freedom of expression: an important aspect of these articles, as writing about the flaws inside the sector for those working in it, is a dangerous pastime. Fear of being punished or fired for whistleblowing, and other unethical behaviours which stem from telling the truth is a significant issue, and so being able to voice honest opinion on such a widely read platform is a welcome step forward.

If you’re a social work or family justice professional, you can send your piece in to 

Good luck.