New documents which have come to light suggest that convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball’s defence team had tried to do a deal with the police in order to avoid “the scandal of a trial”. Ball confessed to his legal team which included a priest, that he had been sexually abusing young men.

The documents, which have been described as information solely for the Bishop of Chichester and the then Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, say Ball had been “abusing not only his office but very many young men”.

One of Ball’s victims also expresses the view in the article linked to above that there appears to have been a deeply sinister cover up, though not a particularly sophisticated one.

The documents raise some very concerning questions:

  • Which other senior members of the Church of England clergy knew Ball was an offender?
  • And how was Peter Ball allowed to carry on working in churches up until 2010 when members of the clergy knew he had confessed and were informed he was responsible for a string of sex attacks?

George Carey has refused to comment on his own knowledge of the incident, but has agreed to go before the nation’s Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and answer questions on the matter, as well as engage with the Church’s own internal review of the Ball case.

Very many thanks to Phil Johnson for alerting us to this development. If you would like to know more about Phil and his brother’s national campaign to bring Peter Ball to justice, and further details on the case above, please search our website using the search term ‘Peter Ball’.