The Child Rights International Network (CRIN) as just published the first ever piece of research to rank on a global scale how effectively children can use the law to challenge violations of their rights.

This study on children’s access to justice is the first of its kind.

Topping the list is Belgium, followed by Portugal, Spain and then Finland. The United Kingdom comes in at number 18, after Andorra and the Dominican Republic.

Somalia, Palestine and Eritrea sit at the bottom of the list, with Equatorial Guinea in last place at number 197.

Should you have any questions about the report, you can contact the following individuals at CRIN:

For questions about the report in English (, Arabic (, French (, Russian ( and Spanish (

There is an excellent interactive map, too, and a breakdown of the data for each country, as well as the report in full.

We think this is a fantastic effort, congratulations CRIN!