Having just read a very informative article on a new film about the uncovering of child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, we wanted to share the incredibly thought-provoking websites the author of the article offers in her piece. These websites are primarily focused on what is being called the Catholic Abuse Crisis.

The first website is one called Bishop Accountability – an enormous database, chronicling the extent of child sexual abuse in America, at the hands of Catholic clergy and demands full accountability, particularly in cases where bishops have knowingly transferred abusers to other parishes, where they have gone on to commit sexual crimes.

This same website also offers over one hundred more sites all on the topic of child abuse within the Catholic Church. From news items about abuse, to Vatican documents and sources of information, it is a large compendium which would be of interest to victims, survivors and of course our own Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse.

Sites which caught our immediate attention included the Abuse Tracker, another with in-depth research on sexuality and the clergy called Celibacy, Sex and The Catholic Church, and The Survivors Network Of Those Abused By Priests (SNAP). A blog by Paddy Doyle called The God Squad is also hugely interesting and offers survivors a place to gather, get information and support one another.