On 16th December last year, The Education Committee launched an Inquiry into the Narey Review of Children’s Residential Care, which has been designed to help shape and develop the Review.

The next meeting will be with Sir Martin Narey himself, and will take place on 27th January, 2016 at 10.15am. This will be a one-off evidence session. 

Parliament’s website tells us that the Inquiry has been set up to work out the scope, focus and conduct of the Narey Review, and as such asked to hear from:

  • People who had worked in children’s homes or other residential care settings, and
  • Young people with experience of residential care placements.

The Review itself aims to explore the role of children’s homes when it comes to placement, what works, what could be improved within residential care and generally what might help to make things better for children in care.

Whilst the deadline for submitting information to the Inquiry appeared to have been extended (the last time we looked on the site there was a notice which said they were still taking submissions), the notice has since gone and it would seem that the deadline of 15th January, 2016 stands.


Martin Narey


Many thanks to Maggie Tuttle at Children Screaming To Be Heard for sharing this item with us.