This afternoon, London Live very kindly invited DadsHouse founder Billy McGranaghan and Researching Reform to discuss DadsHouse’s pioneering housing project for single fathers, which is the first of its kind in Europe.

During the interview, Billy talked about the project and why it’s vital to ensuring dads can get back up on their feet and maintain relationships with their family, especially their children. Researching Reform spoke about the policy in this area and why the government should welcome DadsHouse’s initiative as a significant step towards Prime Minister David Cameron’s pledge this month to keep families together wherever possible.

Both Billy and Researching Reform enjoyed being at the studio and would like to thank  presenter Anthony Baxter for his brilliant questions and for the lovely photo we have which was taken after the interview. Researching Reform would also like to thank the production assistant who cleverly managed to find a way to attach the microphone to us – polo necks, apparently, are not the best clothing item for this kind of thing.


You can watch a recording of the interview, below: