It’s not enough that Prime Minister David Cameron has set his sights on eroding civil liberties like freedom of speech , now he wants to erode our right to a private and family life, as well.

In a news item published this morning, we are told that David Cameron would like every parent in the UK to take classes on how to discipline their children.

The move comes after an embarrassing turnout for a pilot scheme the government ran after the 2011 riots, designed to help underprivileged parents through classes of a similar nature to what will be proposed in a speech on family shortly. Despite a report that those who attended experienced ‘high levels of satisfaction’ from the classes,  we are not told how this satisfaction was measured nor in what context the views were sought.

Other initiatives the Prime Minister will be setting out will also include couples counselling, despite its dubious success rate. 

So, what do you think? Is the government getting too involved with family life, or are these services much needed and likely to help families in the UK?

Many thanks to Maggie Tuttle for sharing this news item with us.

David Cameron

“You! Feckless parent in the back row!”