Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield OBE will be questioned  by The Education Committee tomorrow in Westminster over issues relating to child welfare, including children in care.

This evidence session is part of the Committee’s inquiry into child protection and wellbeing.

The session, which starts at 9.30am, is open to the public and takes place tomorrow at Portcullis House in the Wilson Room. For those who are unable to attend but would like to watch the proceedings, you can do so via Parliament TV.

The Children’s Commissioner will also be questioned about her “Ambitious For Children” Report which includes the 5 commitments she has pledged to make to children in England over the next five years:

  1. Understanding and celebrating childhood
  2. Being ambitious for every child in care
  3. See a major reduction in children being harmed
  4. See sustained action to reduce inequalities for children
  5. See a machinery of government that best helps children flourish

These pledges aim to amplify the voice of the child and address issues such as mental health, violence, sexual abuse, neglect, digital and online safety, children leaving care and those experiencing the youth criminal justice system.

Some of our favourite aspirations in the report are the desire to establish a Cabinet post for Children’s Minister, a national test for policies to ensure they are child friendly (and we would like this to be mandatory, as tests like this in the past have been at best discretionary), child protection to be a national priority, strong support for vulnerable children and a focus on child rights within areas of concern.

We absolutely love these pledges and wish the Children’s Commissioner much luck with them.