Having no shame whatsoever, UKIP has now decided to weigh in on child welfare matters by moving a debate in the House of Commons on Forced Adoption. What follows is a comical attempt at appealing to the public’s heart strings by echoing already well known sentiments about the state of the child welfare system in the UK.

The debate, which took place yesterday,  was scheduled by UKIP’s Douglas Carswell MP, who begins by showing his support for Forced Adoption. He then launches into a scathing attack of the family courts, calling for more openness and transparency.

None of what Carswell says is new. Other MPs in the debate are good enough to advise him on nuances he misses completely in his tirade, which is clearly given with the general public in mind. From using the term Forced Adoption (a term which is not generally accepted within the family court sector) to referring to the courts as a ‘cartel’, Carswell does his best to sound like ‘one of us’. Except he’s not. He’s a politician out for for votes, and he’ll use children being forcibly adopted, to get them.

Not that the rest of the politicians in this debate fare any better. Edward Timpson does his best to defend his government’s impact on the system, and appears to be in complete denial about the deepening crises inside the child welfare sector. Only Lucy Allan, who experienced the Family Court herself first hand and nearly lost her son as a result, was able to give a more balanced view.

The debate though is a must read, for the basic refresher course it offers in some of the main issues affecting the system and a reminder at least, that our politicians are not fit for purpose.