Kindness should be part of daily life, but the festive season is a great opportunity for us to take stock of what’s going on around the world and the latest atrocities from Paris to Beirut, Nigeria and beyond remind us that children and families all over the world continue to suffer, in the most terrible ways imaginable.

So we’ve decided to share some campaigns with you, which if you feel so inclined you can get involved with, by doing as little as sharing them, or donating if you feel you can.

Syrian children are amongst some of the worst casualties in today’s world. This photographer captures the deeply painful realities of their lives. 

Syrian child

Pumpkins Against Poverty is an initiative in Bangladesh which aims to help eliminate poverty in the country. And for every pound you donate before 31st December, the government will match it.


There are nearly 100,000 homeless children in the UK, and as awful as that is, this state of affairs is even worse during the winter when it’s bitterly cold and everyone is out with their families celebrating the holidays, except you. Shelter offers help to these children, as well as all those who find themselves homeless, and their work is vital during the Christmas season. You can support their work by making a donation but there are lots of other ways too.

Homeless uk

Whilst we don’t believe in doing anything in Jesus’ name, or Allah’s name or any name except our own for that matter, the Samaritan’s Shoebox initiative, which allows you to pack a shoebox full of toys to send around the world to children who otherwise wouldn’t get gifts at Christmas, is a lovely project. Fun to do with your children, as well as helping to highlight the differences in quality of life around the world and developing their sense of empathy and compassion, too.

Samaritans logo