Welcome to another week.

The government has started a new consultation in which it hopes to find ways of improving outcomes for children who experience residential care.

A wide group of people are invited to take part and include:

  • People running or working in children’s homes and other residential settings including:
    Secure children’s homes
    Residential schools
    Secure training centres
    Young offender establishments
  • Children
  • Young people
  • Parents
  • Carers
  • Local authorities
  • Representative bodies from across the sector
  • Academics with an interest in residential care

Whilst the following group don’t seem to have been included in this list, we would also urge care leavers to take part in the consultation, as they will have a complete overview of the experience and its impact on their lives post the care system.

Our question then, is taken from the consultation: how could we make residential care homes better for children, and are there better alternatives out there?

A big thank you to the very lovely Tracey McMahon for sharing this consultation with us.