After the terrorist events of last weekend in Paris and Beirut, The Metropolitan Police have issued a statement outlining a new strategy going forward, in London. They stress that the strategy is not connected to any intelligence they have received about possible attacks in London, but is designed to comfort the public in the wake of the attacks.

As a result, there will be a greater police presence out on the streets in the Capital to reassure the public and answer any questions they may have. The Met have asked that if anyone sees anything unusual not to hesitate to call the police, either by dialling:


or, the Anti-Terrorist Hotline:

0800 789 321

If the concern is immediate and urgent, the police ask that we dial emergency services on:


The Met also raises the possibility of a spike in hate crime during this period, and that if any such crime is spotted to call them straight away, and it will be dealt with as a priority.

Interestingly, the Met also encourages the public to use social media to spread messages of support and solidarity against terrorism. The letter itself is written by one of the Met’s Commanders, Mak Chishty, who is considered to be Britain’s most senior Muslim police officer.

You can check out the Met’s organisational structure, here.

The letter sent by the Metropolitan Police, is added below. Please feel free to share it.

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