Child Inclusive Mediation, a new online course designed by pioneering child welfare expert Professor McIntosh, allows social care and mediation professionals to learn how to incorporate children’s wishes and feelings into the divorce process.

The course offers the opportunity to learn core skills to allow for safe and meaningful inclusion of the voice of the child, using an evidence based approach which places the child’s welfare at the centre of proceedings, whilst building positive engagement between parents.

There are four different ways to complete the course, ranging from a short overview to a fully comprehensive series of modules to work through.

We think this course sounds like a wonderful addition to the growing body of work looking to understand children’s needs during life changing events like divorce and would be particularly useful to UK social workers, and family judges.

A very big thank you for sharing this item to Cecilia Lenagh, one of our social work heroines and the recipient of a government award over in Australia for her contribution to social work and the community.