Intelligence agency MI6 has begun a recruitment drive and this time they’re targeting mothers.

The news this morning tells us that MI6 started placing adverts on parenting website Mumsnet earlier this year and have now placed several more ads for positions such as software and technology specialists and ‘business support officers’.

According to Mumsnet, the initial agency job openings advertised on their site were the most applied for in the parenting website’s history.

The article does not go on to explain why MI6 has decided to approach the mummy demographic though we are told that a recent government report suggested employing more female agents in the Intelligence field was necessary to balance out the ‘macho’ culture within the sector.

We like to think MI6 has tapped into a precious resource – many modern day mothers are hyper efficient, alert and ready for anything. Often juggling careers, babies and more, mothers have had to learn to take multi masking to a new level, and that kind of no nonsense approach combined with care giving skills makes for a good field agent.

What do you think? Do mothers have unique skills which make them useful in the Intelligence world or is the government just using this initiative to throw yet more mummies into full time work to balance the budget?