The Family and Childcare Trust, an organisation which campaigns to make the UK a better places for families, has released its annual report card and the results are bleak.

Families across the country gave the government a ‘D’, a grade down from last year, when they were awarded a C. 

The factors for determining the grade include the following:

  • 1. Personal and family attributes, such as parenting skills.
  • 2. A decent income and opportunities for social mobility
  • 3. Access to family friendly work
  • 4. High quality public services, such as schools and healthcare
  • 5. A family friendly infrastructure, particularly housing and transport.

Whether looking at education, housing or employment opportunities and work-life balance, the government’s failures to make it possible for parents to raise their children and enjoy a decent standard of living remain unacceptable. Income and housing were the poorest scoring factors overall.

The Trust’s “Where is the most family friendly area in England?” report, is also worth a read. Bath and Northeast Somerset top this list, as the most family friendly location, with Sandwell the least family friendly. Not unsurprisingly, Walsall is third from the bottom, a location many of us assisting on child welfare cases will know well.

For further insights (there are detailed reports for Scotland and Wales, too), click here.