Here at Researching Reform, we have our favourites when it comes to parenting experts and BBC and ITV Parenting Guru Sue Atkins is right at the top of our list. Her mantra that children spell ‘love’ T.I.M.E is as poignant now as it was when she first shared it with us several years ago, and we love her gentle and calm approach to parenting children.

Sue makes regular appearances on ITV, the BBC and Sky and is often quoted in the media on matters relating to children. Her website is packed with information and resources on parenting, but Sue’s work extends far beyond TV appearances and blogging.

Sharing her expertise with families, she offers bespoke coaching sessions as well as packages which focus on everything from helping children through divorce to developing their confidence, and exam success. She even has an audio CD on how to banish bickering between siblings…

Whether you want to catch the latest on what Sue’s been up to, or take advantage of the Freebies on offer (we particularly like the diaries), there’s plenty of inspiration on Sue’s site, and a reassuring feeling that you’re not navigating the perils of parenting alone.

For these reasons, and many more, Sue Atkins is one of our go-to experts and she’s also a super lovely lady, to boot.

Sue Atkins