As we reported yesterday, Bishop Peter Ball, who confessed to abusing teenagers and young men, was due to be sentenced today, and that sentence has now been passed.

After admitting to offences against 18 individual men and boys, Peter Ball was sentenced to 32 months in prison. 

The case highlights not only the culture within the Church in relation to reports of sexual abuse, but the way high profile individuals within the Church, and elsewhere, have responded to such allegations.

Do read the National Secular Society’s piece on this case if you have a moment, as it offers a great deal of information, much of which is eye opening. The Society is also calling on the nation’s child abuse inquiry to investigate the handling of this case.

We are not sure 32 months is an appropriate reflection of the harm this man inflicted upon his victims, and we will be watching with interest to see the reaction of survivors both personally involved in this case and not.