Exaro has published a piece this morning in which it asserts that the BBC’s Panorama programme is planning to criticise survivors and victims of abuse in relation to the Westminster Paedophile Ring allegations.

According to Exaro, Panorama’s latest documentary will allege that:


The piece is worth reading, as it gives a full account of how Panorama finds itself angling their latest documentary. It seems that the programme intended to try to get to the bottom of abuse allegations, even perhaps to discredit them, and despite clashing with other BBC outlets over the focus of the programme and constant in-fighting at the BBC over its stance, the documentary will be forced to air due to the vast production costs it has incurred.

If this documentary is not balanced or sensitive to those who have genuinely suffered abuse, the backlash will not just be ferocious, it will change the face of the BBC forever.

BBC Panorama