The House of Commons Library is always an interesting place to visit, with reports, briefing papers and more, and their materials on Family Law related topics are always worth a read. The Library is nicely organised too, allowing you to search for documents by type, date and topic.

We spotted two briefing papers this morning which we thought were worth sharing.

The first, which was published on 25th September 2015, is about the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse and offers a very thorough explanation of how the Inquiry works, its scope, the extent of its powers and its origins.

The second looks at transparency in the Family Courts and was published on 18th September, 2015. The paper explains how the Family Court works, and the current rules on transparency, as well as some history on how those rules have evolved over time.

For a little more information on transparency and openness in the Family Courts Jordans offers a lovely summary of related materials which are also worth a look.

House of Commons Library